Phenix City Al to Jacksonville Fl

Phenix City Al to Jacksonville Fl

When road-tripping between Jacksonville, FL, and Phenix City, AL, expect a 293-mile journey across the verdant landscapes of the south. With some strategic planning, you’ll be set up for an epic drive.

Choosing Your Route

The quickest and most direct route between the two cities primarily utilizes:

  • Interstate 75 North – This major highway shoots northwest out of Jacksonville through rural Georgia, bypassing Atlanta, before crossing into Alabama towards Phenix City just over the border. I-75 offers an efficient and simple option to connect these cities. Along the way, you’ll pass through smaller towns and stretches of countryside and farmland.

Planning Your Stops

Road trips require occasional breaks to use the restroom, get gas, grab food, or just stretch your legs. When traveling for 5+ hours, it’s key to factor in stops. Here are top options located roughly halfway through the drive:

Sylvester, GA

About 2.5 hours into your trip, Sylvester, GA emerges as the first ideal stop. This tiny town of 5,000 offers local restaurants like Main Street Cafe for a sit-down lunch. Or pop into a gas station convenience store to pick up road trip snacks and drinks. Let your dog out to play at the Sylvester Veterans Memorial Park. And be sure to fill up your gas tank before returning to I-75 North.

Adel, GA

One hour north of Sylvester, Adel is the next logical stopping point. While smaller than Sylvester, Adel still offers gas stations, fast food, and a chance to continue refueling yourself and your vehicle. Because Adel falls about halfway in the drive, it’s also a great spot to stop for the night if completing the trip over 2 days. The city parks or hotels like Days Inn provide affordable overnight accommodation options.

Total Drive Time Breakdown

With stops factored in for breaks, gas, food, and potentially spending the night, plan for the full Jacksonville to Phenix City drive to take 6-7 hours. Here’s a sample loose timeline:

  • Hours 1-2.5 – Drive from Jacksonville to Sylvester along I-75 North
  • Hour 3.5 – Stop for 60-90 minutes in Sylvester for food/gas/rest
  • Hours 4.5-5.5 – Complete the 1 hour drive from Sylvester to Adel
  • Hours 6-30 – Overnight in Adel after grabbing dinner
  • Hours 30-36 – Drive the last 1.5 hours of the journey from Adel to reach Phenix City

This pace allows plenty of time for breaks while keeping the road trip at a reasonable schedule.

Alternative Transport Options

Driving gives you maximum flexibility and control over your stops and pace. However, other transit methods between the cities include:

  • Flying – Direct flights from Jacksonville to Columbus, GA (right near Phenix City) take approximately 1 hour versus 6 hours driving. However, factor in airport transit times.
  • Bus – Greyhound buses connect Jacksonville to Phenix City in about 7-9 hours with a transfer in Atlanta, GA. So the trip takes a couple hours longer than driving.

So pack your bags and cue up your favorite driving tunes! This North Florida to Eastern Alabama road trip offers a quintessential southern experience.

Scenic and Historic Detours

If you have some extra time, consider a short detour along the route to take in more sights:

  • Providence Canyon State Park (near Lumpkin, GA) – Known as “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon”, this park offers spectacular, colorful rock formations and hiking trails about 1.5 hours into the drive.
  • Andersonville National Historic Site (Andersonville, GA) – This somber but important Civil War-era POW camp site and cemetery makes an impactful stop about 2 hours along the route.
  • FDR’s Little White House (Warm Springs, GA) – Tour the vacation cottage of President Franklin Roosevelt, featuring original furnishings and historical exhibits.

Attractions and Activities in Phenix City

Once you arrive, Phenix City offers plenty to see and do. Top attractions include:

  • WildAnimal Safari – Drive through this 300-acre zoological park to see elephants, zebras, ostriches, and more up close to your car.
  • LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center – Play recreational sports like softball or basketball at this massive complex.
  • Phenix City Riverwalk – Stroll along the Chattahoochee River on this scenic 1.5-mile trail through downtown.

Where to Stay

Phenix City has lots of lodging along the I-85 for easy highway access:

  • Hampton Inn Phenix City – Reliable chain hotel with free breakfast and outdoor pool
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites – Pet-friendly option with free breakfast as well
  • Riverchase Campground – RV park and campsites right on the Chattahoochee River

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